Pomegranate algorithm under you and me the where to where

algorithm and a pomegranate within a period of time, also have webmaster joked: pomegranate and watermelon algorithm after the algorithm, although it is a joke, but also remind the webmaster to do a station, not asking for the moon.

three: from the team operation scale, personal website is most spam sites.

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from the network environment, there are more and more websites of low quality, and all aspects of spam is the large number of sites, greatly affected the normal user’s browsing experience. If you are a customer, you can open a website, popping an advertisement, you can not see the contents of your interest, you will continue to view it? In fact, inadvertently when we do the room will also create spam pages, such as many pages consulting business website, will open the website jump come out, this also gives the user a good experience, some owners more niubable, consulting the page can’t be closed off. Haha, believe that you must have seen.

2013 began to love Shanghai update algorithm, that is green radish algorithm, and now love Shanghai once again released the pomegranate algorithm. For the pomegranate algorithm about on-line, has caused a great disturbance between the webmaster, then what is the pomegranate algorithm? Love Shanghai for the site and then have what new initiatives?

talking about so much junk website, how to distinguish what is

: can the rankings come out from the traffic and see, there are some websites dedicated to a high flow, such as online games on this site, traffic is very large.

senior webmaster has been in the forum discussed the specific content of the algorithm. Pomegranate algorithm is mainly for this, early will focus on rectifying the number of advertisements contain bad interfere with the user browsing the page, the owners should pay attention to the website, do not be black. Daily check website data, check whether there is a problem, if there are problems, need to deal with. Especially those who confuse pop up a large number of low quality pop ads, the main content of the page spam pages, this means that those who love Shanghai garbage site will hit.

I suggest webmaster better pay attention to the content of the site quality, attract spider, the spider on the website of the friendly degree increased. At last I hope. The webmaster can respect the user from the user’s point of view, the construction site, remember not to be impatient, or no remorse.

two: from the website of the industry and the future can be seen, was not possible or not great anyway space website, will be judged as spam sites.

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