The eight basic principles of the construction of the website chain

there are many such sites, in the search engine performance is very bad, these sites also have a common characteristic, that is a single chain, almost all from the blog comments, or forum signature etc.. So we form the chain must be diversified, not only confined to the blog, BBS signature. Should be the development of some blog "

Correlation between the chain called

said the chain wide, you might think, just to see a website to send the chain. Do you want to have the wrong, extensive, it is necessary to understand how these sites influence in the industry, users are not concerned about the high degree of website, if it is such a web site, for example there are dozens, each giving you 1 outbound links, this is equivalent to there are dozens of people say hello. There is a website with dozens of pages to do outbound links for example, the two what do you think is better? No doubt, of course is the first, more website for your outbound links, will make you a good website ranking, and a small number of sites is to give you outside it has little effect chain.

for the weight of the chain, second also mentioned that from the industry authority website, rather than the new line station. It is like you do, a two may not be known, if things go on like this! There will be a lot of people you know. The same site, the new site is unknown, and the old site has a certain influence on the industry, the effect of course is different. Which comes from high weight of the site outside the chain, will allow the search engine more attention.

, it refers to the content of the website to see whether there is a correlation, if there is associated with such correlation website can give your website to vote (link) in the same station so you have some advantages, will be more convincing. Some websites such as not to mention your site’s ranking, is in the eyes of the user you stand is very authoritative, if the chain can develop some competitors as well.

, actually refers to the chain we find survival period, more precisely, is the chain of the page to exist for a long time in the search engine’s index database. If the search engine that pointing to your site outside the chain suddenly disappeared, would be to find fault, so to stabilize the chain.

The stability of chain called

five, the chain of rich

two, chain wide

four, the chain stability

site outside the chain for the role of Shanghai dragon optimization known to all the search engine on the web, but with the user’s experience of attention, some outside the chain was present not only help, even may also bring bad influence to the site. So we in the new situation and how to build the chain us? Eight basic principles below, will tell you what should be paid attention to.

three, the chain weight of

, a chain of correlation

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