Love Shanghai remediation spam who moved the cake

is not on the Internet, or below the line entity enterprise, as an enterprise to a certain degree, there will be many small enterprises and individuals parasitic to rely on its profit, thus forming a micro ecosystem benefits. Our society is the one of the interests of the ecological system of cross complementary, there is a common place in the micro ecosystem: is there a host. These parasitic enterprises or individuals to pay close attention to the host, because of a small host policy might then have to let them go bankrupt.


on the Internet: ecological waste site. In the circle, there are some who are relying on waste site to survive, we will now be relationship between webmaster and love Shanghai called: parasitic relationship. There is no doubt that the biggest host is love Shanghai. Love Shanghai as the world’s largest Chinese search engine has been the site of many small flows in the entrance, holding these small and medium-sized site, and some sites rely on the survival of the lifeline of the enterprise. This is a huge search Empire, the hard is the webmaster, then hold the reins of the others.


Chinese users of Internet access way of showing a new pattern in the first half of 2012, reaching 388 million by the number of mobile phone Internet users access the Internet, compared to desktop computer 380 million, mobile phone has become the first major Internet terminal of Internet users in china.

There is a special ecological system

Internet "massacre" to

1, mobile phone users Chinese beyond the desktop computer became the first big internet terminal

love Shanghai so large to adjust is he did not anticipate the consequences? Of course not, to love or to force the Hamming know there is only one reason for the adjustment of the consequences of this make snap: search market in the future. Do not know if you have not seen me in front of the CNNIC "Chinese share Internet development statistics report" thirtieth period, there are a few data is very impressive:

in the past one and a half months (June and July) in Shanghai made a love bigger adjustment, is the official said in the remediation of spam. Since it is natural remediation spam will inevitably remove some illegal content or even the entire site, statistical data from cnzz love K station in Shanghai peak proportion reached 2.29%, that is to say each of the 100 sites will be cleaned inside 2.29, this has not calculated the drop right, delete some other changes included so, the big adjustment affects many webmaster interests, there will be people not happy. Those who rely on a garbage station to attract traffic or rely on garbage station to conduct business owners, businesses, nature is the most serious loss, so there is a "anti love Shanghai alliance".

2, micro-blog users entered a period of steady growth, the hand.

Where is the

love why Shanghai to clean up the garbage sites so scaled

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