Non normal hyperlink chain has what kind of value for Shanghai Dragon

link to the CSS file of the link is temporarily unable to confirm whether the value of external links. HTML > < a code; href= 贵族宝贝 >

like you in other website to your website pictures, HTML code is < img; src= 贵族宝贝 > "贵族宝贝/pic.jpg" domain name

Type 贵族宝贝/a.css "domain name The link

2, JS link

others site of your website or CSS CSS notes in URL for your web site to help can not determine

pictures and video files in meta URL as the chain.


6, meta in file URL

please indicate the original address: 贵族宝贝 Shanghai, 83贵族宝贝/index.p>

5, CSS or CSS in URL

7, pure text links

links and many non normal links, these links can really help to search new friendship page included in the site, increase the weight of the website, can transfer the weight, what is the impact on the keywords ranking, Shanghai dragon industry has not been determined yet, many people have their own views, but they are not proven. I hope you can read this article to think about these very important for Shanghai dragon is a problem.

no a > into <; in URL, if not click the link is meaningful and can not determine the current external links.

4, JS script in URl

and I are not the same, such as other JS scripts to do Links, this link is meaningful but also can make nothing of it.

3, a link to the CSS file


is the first to explain the meaning must exist for the Shanghai dragon is the link to the form is mainly written in < a > tag inside the link into a hyperlink can directly click on the ordinary hyperlink and anchor text. Normal external links such great significance to the website of Shanghai dragon, but there are a lot of non normal external links for Shanghai dragon is meaningful, how much effect? These are also not very clear answer. Non normal hyperlink what? Wuhan Shanghai dragon Liu Junlai talk about the controversial chain.

link link to the JS file, the HTML code for < a href= 贵族宝贝贵族宝贝/a.js ">" domain name;

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