Love Shanghai bidding without V account will be to improve the promotion cost


you know, for the account of V need business account information, as well as the customer’s business license. For without V account increase promotion costs, will force the "high-risk households" for the love of Shanghai to pay a higher price. The potential meaning of love for Shanghai: the greater the risk, the greater the pay.


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here is love Shanghai sent to the customer service information:

the self love Shanghai learning net original bidding bidding www.zixuesem贵族宝贝 reproduced please specify the address.

estimates that love Shanghai is the hope that through this means, eliminate a number of unqualified love Shanghai promotion account.

the beginning of July 1st, Shanghai may still in love with V accounts increase promotion costs, the specific program is to improve a certain coefficient in every promotion based on the total bill, charged part of the promotion cost increase will not be returned.


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according to the customer to explain, only left core keywords, long tail word has little effect. But now medical households, basically have added V, without V medical family living space will become smaller and smaller.

at the same time, with no V medical households, in addition to the above promotion costs increase, will be pushing the left.

if your account is not V, to act quickly, who knows love behind Shanghai but also the introduction of targeted policies to.

improve the coefficient of initial value is 5%, the follow-up will depend on the overall risk of the customer, not on a regular basis to improve the improvement factor.

for medical care, would be worse. Not only the promotion cost will be increased, and the platoon position left the opportunity will be limited.

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