Optimization of Enterprise Station Station blog details

Hello, I am a rock. I have a customer advisory station how to optimize the enterprise blog recently, as far as I know: most of the enterprises have not established a station station two level domain name or directory in the form of blog, there are no established enterprise blog meaning? Only by thinking of optimization perspective, enterprises established within the blog for the ranking and do but from the enterprise stand optimization, function and marketing level analysis: in fact, the general corporate website is not necessary to set up a blog, news and information technology products or a business website, this is enough. Not much gossip at the station, if the enterprise set up a blog, how to optimize the details of



as shown above, the station blog navigation column should be set which plates? Station products are main blog articles for some optimization of long tail words, as about us, contact us, plate and enterprise online message this station will repeat, enterprise stand much of the content is very low, many enterprises are also dozens of stations a. Therefore the enterprise stand optimization of long tail words is difficult, originally the long tail word flow is very few, if a small number of words, it is not much significance to optimization. Enterprise blog can add a station building, is also the station blog is mainly used to optimize the long tail word. For example: the keywords SKF bearings, SKF bearings have a long tail word extension of the official network, SKF import bearings, SKF bearings agents, according to the actual situation of the enterprise products, these long tail word as the station blog navigation column. The key to optimize the weights of these products, improve enterprise station page, optimize the long tail word ranking.

navigation column set

second: the station of blog in the setting of

: a

examined the site blog article page, basically did not add anchor text, now love Shanghai increasingly high demands on the anchor text, anchor text over station will lead to the page difficult to be collected, so when the station anchor text blog needs moderation, not necessarily every article to add anchor text. Chain layout is conducive to ZhengZhan weight increase, when the enterprise stand optimization, we used to add anchor text to the home page in the news or product page, blog station the author thought that the emphasis should be placed on the product page, the product page weight lifting enterprise station. The main content is to introduce a product, should point to the related products, there is an article should add some appropriate anchor text? I feel now the best is less stronger correlation between anchor text, anchor text, anchor text point to the home in moderation. For example: the SKF bearing imports >

Figure set in the station blog navigation column

: the first details of the



page anchor text set

chain structure Figure two: the

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