Webmaster friend please note that malicious brush advertising how to doJinshan on the 23 day 24 al

has also been in the post after his mother, ID ABCD, A station: integrity, this is his post address: club.alimama/viewthread.php? Tid=136869, is not difficult to find that this person is to cheat for a living.


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with the development of the Internet, a large number of personal webmasters have emerged. And these individual stationmaster also has a lot of rely on to do alliance advertisement to exist.

More information on ?

if you are a Union Commissioner, please give me the latest information feedback, we in the first time to report to you. Feedback

here to announce some of this person’s data, I hope not to come out of harm. He is using this free forum aliad.5d6d now closed to brush traffic. The is 9150945, he is the brush IP many webmaster received his hate mail to us at our home for him to do on Links or put on his advertising, otherwise the consequences will be grievous, who specifically do GG advertising, sh419 and Ali mother alliance.

releases several websites of this person again, very strange, his website has not been put on record, also did not be shut, but the IP of inquiry server is in the United States, now a few stations are shut completely. 1, www.gPgege 2, www.qe88 3, www.qe66

published his personal blog here: yyecgongjie.blog.163, where he has his personal photos and some identification materials, so let’s take a look at his character.


was maliciously painted advertising how to do this? This is our webmaster needs answers. Personal webmaster was malicious clicks, will directly lead to alliance account blocked; the major league should also pay attention to, rely on the alliance website owners and advertisers to survive, be malicious brush advertising, can seal the main site account, protect the interests of advertisers, but with the increase of data loss, how much will the alliance the main site, alliance and how development of

self introduction, I’m learning wave education network www.xuegle webmaster, I’m not advertising, and I’m a victim. I do have their own education website, profit model, alliance does not rely on survival, I am not looking for the league can open, I want to discuss is if you met the person, should be how to deal with the major league? How to

because of this person’s intimidation, some victims compromise, help him to do the link, and some webmaster dare not publish their website, worried about being attacked again.

dear webmaster friends:

    the Union statistics platform server room installed Kingsoft transfer, report data about 24 days of abnormal growth of the adjustment belongs to the server, please do not have to worry about.

    the correct data will be updated and covered with the exception data after the server is modified, whichever is the last updated data. I apologize for the inconvenience in turn!

    wish you all a happy promotion!

                                                        – kingsoft.

wrote so much today that he hopes the victims can stand up and join forces to crusade against him. At the same time, we hope that the major league concerned, Adsense loss is small, more losses should be advertisers and alliances.

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