How to use micro blog WeChat for the website to import traffic

is that your website can provide a basis for users to obtain information on micro-blog or WeChat on a more extensive and depth information for users, and these information to users and to understand the relevant information, can attract users than users want to know more information.

of course you don’t have to like the above do directly, can also be mildly to the user also to your website, make it easier for users to accept. And these by micro-blog, WeChat active query detailed user must be accurate users of your site. Of course, you have to do is how to let them pay attention to your micro-blog or WeChat, micro-blog and WeChat, more attention is paid on you, for your website to introduce more traffic, how to introduce the remaining flow is very simple.

followed by your micro-blog and WeChat must open the third party plug-in query functions, such as input "this two word sign" users in your micro-blog or WeChat for WeChat or micro-blog, you can quickly reply and sign related keywords intelligence, for example, I Love Horoscope, the user clicks on the related keywords you can enter your website access to relevant information, so why worry about your site without flow.

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not all sites are suitable for use with micro-blog and WeChat to import a lot of traffic, some websites you micro-blog, WeChat do better than import can not flow, and the flow is very easy to lose. So what kind of website is only for the use of micro-blog and WeChat into the flow of

how can we import traffic through micro-blog and WeChat

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with the rise of social networking sites, micro-blog, WeChat quickly occupied the people’s daily life, and with it, people stay at other sites in less time. More and more owners to reduce traffic and worry, how to increase website traffic? In fact, micro-blog, WeChat can flow into a large number of our website.

first you micro-blog and WeChat had better have a large number of fans, if not, then you have to think of ways to increase the fans for their micro-blog and WeChat, and WeChat must be a public account, because the first public account of WeChat is to design the marketing services, not to expect to obtain a huge flow through the circle of friends you will find that really do not get more traffic through the circle of friends, but also cause the user antipathy.

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