How to build the chain outside the chain of high quality is what kind of high quality

to make the high quality the chain is soft, the form of publishing, written text, text relevance. The author thinks that the effect of the chain, according to the rank, can be divided into the following 3 points:

Since the


1. keywords description text outside the chain

explained: the author thinks that in the soft, can not add description text case, key words and the text of the chain form is second important, because the love of spiders in Shanghai can read your article content with what, so in the website search engine you can master what you add keywords and web site.

said that although the forum signature was banned, there is a certain influence for the chain of our webmaster. But on the other hand to consider, perhaps our chain effect is more good. For example: A5 now irrigation a lot less people, so people will be posting some more. The number of repeat degree will be a lot less. As A5 in love in Shanghai ranking and weight will be more and more high, the chain effect of what we do will naturally become better and better.

the truth? According to the author’s understanding, A5 canceled the signature is the main purpose for the future development into consideration, because there are a lot of people in the irrigation forum every day, released some of the same content reply, mainly to do outside the chain, so that long-term development of A5 in future is very unfavorable so, A5 decided to cancel the forum signature by decisive.

high quality the chain how to do? What kind of chain is outside the chain of high quality? Today I explain, master well, novice reference.

I think you don’t worry too much about the problem of the chain, because Shanghai Longfeng present "optimization of the chain for the emperor, content is king or a word of truth. To consider from the logic above, love Shanghai is against the waste of the chain, if we do is the high quality of the chain, do not have to worry about being hit.

explained: the author has done a lot of Web sites, basically through the description of text in the form of the chain to the rankings do go up. The chain description text is the most effective, this is also known as the Shanghai dragon world. If you think it best not to draw text, I think you don’t know much about Shanghai dragon.

Lee Webmaster Platform love Shanghai official release on the chain of cheating and what the chain is invalid, the chain how to build efficient are confused, even the A5 forum signature was also canceled, this is to let a lot of people understand. Industry speculation, Shanghai love of the action will not influence the ratio of green wave algorithm and 6.28 small events.

3. pure


explained: if when can draw text and keywords, can add pure. The chain effect is not very good, but some large weight high, you can.

2. + text chain

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