How to better please Google search engine

as everyone knows, noble baby more than Baidu no "human nature", as long as you can follow the reasonable operation rules of noble baby, not "human nature", your website will achieve the ideal ranking and weight, the baby and the nobility of Shanghai Longfeng share how to please the noble baby search engine.

third, "king of the wind" website needs to the throne and worship, which ranked the weight and flow, and bring the important way of ranking weight and flow is the chain. How to find a good platform for the chain, Shanghai dragon baby nobility do webmaster should know that not all of the chain are defined as the noble baby outside the chain, the chain may be all you do is noble baby included, but when you Link in the noble baby will find Link the little baby and many of the nobles of Shanghai Longfeng chain calculation methods are based on the Yahoo chain for the quasi. Noble baby chain included only some of the weight of the chain high. The main form of noble baby Chain Forum, blog, micro-blog, Links, but is not a baby is not the chain of work is not necessary to do, of course not, as long as the noble baby have included, this work is effective; but by the chain as the chain is the chain weight high it is necessary to sum up experience, to do some more, please the baby weight effect are better ranking website to you.

second, internal web site optimization, content is king, you want to promote more effectively, first you have to ensure that you promote your website content, which are worth paying attention to the qualification. Some time ago, noble and aristocratic nobility launched baby baby baby + circle is to be more humanized, intelligent search engine no matter how, in the end, they are all services, so the future direction of the noble baby will be more focus on "people" on the website of the response is "people" will influence baby noble rank and weight.

first, determine a reasonable keyword, is a generalization of the direction key can not be too long, not too short, too long is not conducive to the site in the long tail keyword optimization, keyword often short range, intense competition and the pertinence is not strong. And how to determine the reasonable keyword, first, you must first find out the core of your keyword analysis tool, using noble baby keywords, such as noble baby Adwords, to find out the popular keywords related; second core keywords into the noble baby to search, find out the first few pages of your main rivals, are all beyond the starting from imitation, through comparison and its website features determined reasonable keyword.

how to please the baby is all noble webmasters need to constantly practice road, noble baby itself is constantly groping for improvement. The above content by Kuqu webmaster, professional website promotion planning manager Bian Shuncang. AC QQ:1624455319. For reprint, please indicate the source: (贵族宝贝whreactor>


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