Only to have the difference to make the website ranking steadily rising

second: the use of the current hot spots to create web content difference

(2) when we click into the category, the system will provide what search >

: first improve the overall tone of the site, let the web interface with the differences in

The overall tone of

content is king, believe that every webmaster do not have any objections. The content is the soul of the website, the world can have people but not as like as two peas, may have thought and soul are the same person. It also shows that the content of the difference in the website rankings also play a great role. But to create high quality original content is not so easy, after all, not every station is a great writer, so I recommend you to build web content with the fact that hot fresh baked good. Specific can do:

a website the most impressive is the site, many webmaster do not attach importance to their website color, they think others with their website what color, followed by what color is good, no assertive words. The author is engaged in website construction work also found that many sites are light blue as the overall tone of the site, this repeated tone is bound to make the user feel very disgusted. I suggest you webmaster should not be too much to follow suit, with some novel tone not let users on your site more impressive, like the Sina website, the light yellow as the main colors, and other news websites have difference:

has made one of the most important details of why Sina website can surpass other websites, we as a webmaster, should also have this awareness, differentiate by hue adjustment and other sites, so as to get the love of Shanghai and the users favor the rankings.

(1) first, we can use a tool to love Shanghai – Shanghai love Search Ranking. This tool is specially issued some current hot words, we can in every billboard find the category of our website type:

was elected a good category, we can enter the next step.

The details of


with transparent information and Internet technology, the website features of the era has passed, now instead of repeating the web pages and duplicate web content. This can not help but once love surfing the Internet users are dissatisfied and helpless. Love Shanghai as one of the largest search engine, in order to enhance the user experience, began to adjust the algorithm, some have characteristics and differences in the ranking sites placed in the home, some bad customs and repeat site on the hundred outside, it tells us the webmaster, our website is the time to make a point the characteristics of the. Below the author according to their own experience and we discuss, how to really let the website with the difference, let website ranking steadily.

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