ncrease the site outside the chain inventory methods


forum and classified information network, should we do in the chain of the main positions. The soft, advertising is the most direct bombing targets are forum and classification information network. In addition to put a link in the article content, can also use the forum signature.


chain is the Internet, share the hub. For our webmaster, the chain is from external sites into our own web site. The chain in the process of Web site optimization, occupy a pivotal position. Then, increase the site outside the chain what

and bookmarking, network favorites, network personal library

The This is The to publish information to the forum, classified information networkThe

we have a lot of stationmaster, for example: Sina blog, blog, blog, blog and other Sohu. The blog also increased our chain place. Every day to update the site’s article, simple pseudo original, sticking to the blog. (don’t forget to do the website keywords in the blog link oh) to ensure normal included, a blog is our factory manufacturing chain.

we add a key site outside the chain, a good quality Links, to improve website weight, improve website ranking, with indelible meaning. The Links exchange process, we can increase the chain in two places: one is to do Links website with you; another is to collect some Links exchange platform, web site Links on exchange of information.

The With the help of

this relatively simple, registered in this website, download a right mouse button plug-in, updated every day to end the love of Shanghai included.


submission to the industry website



exchange Links

platform mainly love Shanghai quiz quiz, Sina Search ask, ask, YAHOO knowledge hall, the question and answer, which is a good place for us to leave the high quality of the chain. Although the quality is good, but a chain of the difficulty is not small. Now the inquiry platform are more strict than the previous audit.

this is a necessary step built at the beginning of the web should be completed. As the railway station, the weight is not high, to find high quality Links, not too realistic. Unless you have a relationship. Therefore, we should take the initiative to master diligent. To find some navigation network, web directory submission site resources.

use Q & a platform


of course, this requires a certain writing skills. At present I often go to the submission of the place, some Adsense nets and literature network. Share some of the original experience, or write essays at the end of life, leave your links. For example: This article from XXX, reproduced please keep the source. A good article, in these industries on the website can easily be reproduced. For increasing the high quality of the chain, it is time and effort.

to submit a site navigation, web site directory

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