Shanghai Longfeng optimization work attitude don’t let the ordinary into mediocrity

early this morning to open the site, found the WuXi Railway Station was collected, a little joy, after all his efforts to see the effect. But not long, not included, the cause of this phenomenon is that the web server does not open, we all know that if a site is not open 24 hours, not included in the search engine, keyword ranking dropped significantly, if not open 48 hours, after the site keyword ranking to 50. Website weight decreased, so we work hard before, in vain! This is not a yawn killed. So whether it is new or old station we have to ensure the site can be opened, it is best to find a stable server of Shanghai Longfeng optimization. In order to avoid unnecessary trouble.

"the chain for emperor principle" Shanghai dragon knows, for dozens or even hundreds of substation substation, the chain how to start, it is a headache for people, no matter what we do, we must remember: the stable site outside the chain, to have the law to increase slowly. Can not add greatly, otherwise the consequences be unbearable to contemplate is. Our extension staff is the most important work of patience, to summarize the law, grasp the skills, such as weekly love Shanghai update time, when the website or the on-line time should be aware of. There are at work we want to discover what channel is long hair of the chain, which is essential for promotion. 80% of the revenue from 20% of your effort, so we have to constantly expand the work.


to find the rules of

we all know there is a fine line between ordinary and excellence, like our Shanghai dragon staff, every day may repeat a lot of ordinary work, such as post, exchange Links, write text, analysis of Web site traffic, these are very common and very repetitive work, every day to do, maybe we have to repeat 80%, the other 20% from innovation. Because of the nature of the work, let countless people develop the habit of careless work, contempt, and work attitude of the opponent head do things carelessly. The end of life in the bottom of society, cannot rise head and shoulders above others. In fact, we do Shanghai Longfeng work attitude: do not let the ordinary into mediocrity, with a positive attitude to face the search engine spiders, believe (spider) will often visit your site, especially the newly established new sites, we should be more slowly to the spider "Tim dish", such as feed, naturally you the website will be put out. So the attitude is everything, do optimization is a long process, the effect is not immediately apparent, we don’t want to short interest to do black hat Shanghai dragon, recently we have just set up a nationwide recruitment website "95 wisdom hire", in the face of such secondary domain name the new station, and Shanghai to new love extended included, at this time, we insist on is calm, Shanghai dragon is a process of thick plot firing, any one link can not be ignored.

"common sense" no less than

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