Brand hand net red economic accounts seven digit signing business value superstar


brand hand net red economic accounts: seven signed business value superstar

in the Internet era, the traditional business model has been subverted, electricity providers and social marketing began to gradually dominate the market, the network is also the birth of the red economy. In the past 2015, Taobao store sales easily break one million, seven digit signing big, appearance fees up to $100 thousand, the main body of these economic values are pointing to the same kind of group – net red. The industry believes that the network is no longer a public awareness of the red mask female, but a new marketing model with electricity supplier genes.

liquidity over traditional advertising

red concept can be traced back to the earliest blog era. Red net early enjoy the blog era bonus, with "energy-saving" and "big game" as an example, their evolution path more European and American fashion blogger’s business model – among the fashion mainstream media, cooperation, to create its own brand and brand. And then the emergence of another model, it is to rely on Yan value, personality and brand tonality, Taobao shop based positions, the formation of a strong group of fans, such as Nguyen VC, ANNA TI IS, etc..

net income sources generally include advertising, brand cooperation, personal shops and entry costs. L’OREAL came before the Group signed up to seven digit remuneration has 2 million 200 thousand fans on Instagram Swiss fashion blogger Kristina Bazan. Although the domestic economy is less developed than abroad, but the development is very rapid. At present, the network is mainly active in the red Sina micro-blog, WeChat, Taobao, live video site four platforms. WeChat clothing recommended class public number "Rebecca Li McGuire" with nearly 450 thousand fans, the amount of reading can be pushed to send easily exceeded 100 thousand, the number of public valuation of up to tens of millions of dollars. Fashion blogger "Sina micro-blog fans number more than 1 million 520 thousand of the Ayuki Huang Mi Hee" assistant to the Beijing Daily reporters, micro-blog promotion according to the number of photos, text ads, links with the soft and hard degree is different, the price of 40 thousand -7 yuan each. Game anchor Dong Xiaosa Taobao snack shop only monthly sales as high as dried meat floss cake more than 4 pieces. According to Taobao data, Taobao has more than 1000 stores in the red shop. In 2015, 6·, 18 big promotion, sales of TOP 10 of the women’s clothing shop in the Taobao is the red shop in. Net red shop also appeared in a network of red shop opened only two months to do the case of the five drill. At the recent meeting of the World Conference on the Internet, the Alibaba CEO Zhang Yong praised the red net economy "new economic phenomenon", "the one and only worldwide".

insiders pointed out that the "red" as one of the keywords in 2015, has not only means to win the eye and the news network character, strong cashability gradually let the red net has gone beyond the traditional plane, TV.

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