ntelligent hardware entrepreneurship to solve what needs to be successful

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in a number of recent science and technology exhibition, as the focus of the past, the smart phone has no longer be the protagonist, more people have gathered in the platform of intelligent hardware. From the smart bracelet, smart watches to the UAV, smart cars, smart hardware is from the initial stride to gradually began to run, but during this period although stumbling, everyone can not be denied, intelligent hardware is rise at an alarming rate in the era of science and technology.

with the rise of intelligent hardware as well as entrepreneurs who have a boiling heart. In the boiling behind, many entrepreneurs do not have a full understanding of intelligent hardware. This is no doubt the future development of a hidden danger. Recently, the United States and the United States jointly issued a series of fifth intelligent intelligent hardware industry research report of the series, the purchase and outlook chapter, the current user demand for intelligent hardware market conducted a comprehensive analysis. And these are precisely the most intelligent hardware entrepreneurs should understand.

users for what reason to buy intelligent hardware


last 2015, the concept of intelligent hardware can be said to be experienced and enthusiastic to xuhuo inflection point looming retreat twists a year. But at the same time, along with the evolution of key technologies, development and maturity of the product form is clear, rational investors and industry reshuffle benign, intelligent hardware will lead the industry to pick up a variety of good warming in 2016, whether it is a smart TV, virtual reality, intelligent vehicle, VR UAV product and so on, are likely to enter the line of war "". In this war, how to get the user’s purchase is the most important.

so, how users will buy a smart hardware? China intelligent hardware industry, a series of research reports from the purchase motivation, purchase factors, purchase channels, purchase budget, product evaluation, data using attitude etc. Analysis of consumer demand for smart hardware purchases, for intelligent hardware entrepreneurs have a good reference value. After all, the intelligent hardware industry is an emerging industry, but in essence, is still a commercial behavior, since it is a commercial behavior, whether it is to sell the hardware or sell services, need to profit. Whether entrepreneurs, experts or for a long time has been steeped in this industry, are needed in this field all the war, let more users agree to buy their products, only in this way can not be defeated in the battle.

this report pointed out that consumers demand for intelligent hardware mainly from functional requirements and healthy living needs. The reason why consumers buy smart hardware, 58.98% of users because of its unique function is more convenient, 54.54% chose to change habits, because 41.48% are interested in electronic products, 34.39% want to try new things, 24.19% chose to look high-end fashion, the other driving factors and promotion, social needs, love the brand the new, everyone in the use and so on. These data are sufficient to show that if you want to make your smart hardware >

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