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long ago many word the maxed circle of friends, for example, the title is "why don’t you buy iPhone?", after opening the only one word "poor", simple and crude, can mobilize the users want to share, this flow also is enough to


soon began to take a similar piece: "what is you still hesitate to work in the high temperature days nearly forty degrees is poor?? no!" after opening, you see this chicken full text:

"is the heart of

recognition of units

attachment to leadership

‘s pursuit of career

is more loyal to the party "

from a variety of inspirational full of chicken soup to the poor, and then to the ironical return "loyalty" and "by surprise" is a sharing play, and marketing in these be the most changeful user demand, can learn marketing knowledge is certain trend and keep up with user demand.

high quality articles, film and television drama…… Planting ad

has been widely spread in the television advertising, film planting clever advertising, and popular micro-blog once implanted hand piece, WeChat number of public articles in advertising…… What were they doing marketing? From high quality content to the user with modern appetite mashup ads, not afraid of traces of traces when leaving less color.

network drama "Princess promotion" from A to Z into an advertisement, or have a sensitive meaning of MR, you look at it. "Today, Qiankun Riyue Yao I Nan Xia; a symbol of war in ancient China gas swallow 10000 as tiger." How is Mr! For you, just a piece of ginger." "Who asked, old say, still can not rice. I want to say, instant Mr, Lianpo resurgence."……

and ancient poetry with not what level, Qiao Qiao in an offbeat, ancient classics and network spoof of the wind and taste, not love the people around are not watching "Princess promotion", can see the network drama will also enjoy the flavor of advertising: edge to vulgar but focuses on KUSO ah.

A large marketing

WeChat now love to play, akin to the micro-blog hand piece, a story with a piece of advertising is different, the WeChat in reason, after a long and minute statement to give you the whole a poster, high quality "brain" energy allows users to accept, after all it is clear to everyone "advertisement" the necessity of the existence of the times.

live see true chapter

live another hot field, and also beat up the marketing idea of rash and too much in haste, a seemingly new media generation, chat can build brand with red net earning large quantities of gold each day, the spirit of marketing.

successful marketing of these people, but also have similar conditions: the red net has been red identity, such as pa>

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