Look at how nostalgia marketing round after round detonated consumers

recently in Taiwan, a nostalgic youth campus movie "my girlhood", so that many of the 80 after 90 into collective memories. The film in 90s in Taiwan high school as the background, tells the story of the "passers by girl" Lin and Xu Taiyu, a romantic and warm love story.

stems are old stems, but often moved in. Stephen Chow, "a happy event", "Romance", the little tigers, four kings and other nostalgic symbols, and "over" "dream" "love" as a superb collection of beautiful things of nostalgia alliance school hits, including the last adult Xu taewoo actor Jerry Yan debut, a haven’t met in a long time, so many fans instant tears ran.


youth nostalgia movie in the past two years, is it really you Changba me play. Including this year released "Hong Kong" and "Sherlock" embarrassed troubles in different degrees introduced a large number of nostalgic elements, set off another round of nostalgia for youth.

why nostalgia has become a trend?

as early as eighteenth Century, Rousseau and Kant defined "nostalgia" as "a memory of the past."". The nostalgia of the consumer groups will be triggered by the common emotional memory and memory symbols, and bring the collective collection and identity, in this group, the common nostalgia can quickly form a collective memory.

The so-called

as new clothes, not as before, people will probably nostalgia are these psychological traits play

1, nostalgia is a comfort of the soul

China’s high housing prices, the destruction of young people’s love, but also destroyed the imagination of young people. They could recite poetry, travel, reading. But now, young people who graduated from the University, became a middle-aged, middle-aged people like that in order to fuel very careful in reckoning. Their life, from the beginning of material and worldly, but cannot experience a romantic life, a soul oriented way of life. – "world news"

we analyze the nostalgia of the population mainly concentrated in the late 70s to early 90s this age. Car loan mortgage pressure, make most people just stay in the low level of demand — tired of this life, busy life, so very yearning for the past slow time; face doping excessive material regardless of the feelings, I miss the precious love even fling caution to the winds; and people live mode, there is no past so simple plain.

this contradictory state of life, so that the majority of people in response and adaptation, showing the early old disease mentality. Some people indulge in nostalgia, but to find a sense of their own exports, the real life of regret and dissatisfaction with a complex based on the fill. Nostalgia has become a refuge in the hearts of the people, the only way to temporarily put aside the current depression, to avoid reality, seek psychological comfort. Borrow a word: nostalgia is a loss and displacement.

2, miss the beautiful body from the past

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