Small and medium sized machinery manufacturers network marketing dilemma

in fact, there are many similarities with the plight of SEO machinery industry of medical industry, but it is always at a distance of the medical industry (fear of life and how ah, now not only to children, the medical industry integrity is lost, retribution to the child to do), general machinery industry, contact some. Talk about my own views on some of the network marketing industry.

to say the plight of the mechanical industry network marketing, many are already.

the first point: we are very familiar with, duplicate content everywhere, you copy me to copy the past. Comparison of the classic website but seen a pair of, why? Because the two of the company’s Web site is the same industry in two different companies, different network company website, is set on the same set of templates, the most fun is the inside of the two enterprise website content is almost more than 80% of all the same. When one of the sites to the boss but the former company (a network company) when looking for a revision, the sentence could not help but burst foul language: "what the two sites I look as like as two peas, their company (that is similar to another web site station) website, almost that is their home site."

second points: the aging of marketing tools, marketing team leader can not keep up with the times. We do not say large machinery manufacturers, large manufacturers generally have their own professional e-commerce or network marketing team, but a friend is working in a large machinery company, SEO, their side of a team is not too early, but have been relatively mature, after all, have the strength it was easier to attract talent. By now many small and medium-sized machinery manufacturers marketing still retains the characteristics of "very simple", how a "simple" law? Is the release of free information of each classification information and B2B on the network, the person in charge of a small company network sales department is very pleased with how to say "we send a lot of information, ranking in the seven or eight page." Well, let us whether the seven or eight page is what search keywords row out, even more valuable words well, but this seven or eight page, which people buy things should turn to see the back of such a website? Then how will this statement told him, he finally over ten seconds. Still can’t find words to refute. Then the company’s customers are coming from? In fact, there are some enterprises, made a very long period of time in the industry, while doing network marketing later, but the name is there, so many customers come to ask the price, while others, most (if not all is. Some do Alibaba Wang Pu) are from Baidu for promotion.

third: a lot of people are aware of the domestic market erosion (say it really is ironic, Chinese once what industry, what industry will fire, fire a few years, the industry will rot), began to open up foreign markets. In fact, foreign market profits are very rich, such as HUAWEI began to open up the international market is from South Africa and other developing countries, such as

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