Network marketing ten technology of the three free strategy marketing

free things everyone love, at all times and in all countries are so. Free marketing strategy also has a strong vitality.

Internet is completely free, no commercial. The beginning of e-commerce, it is a few years later. Therefore, the number of people on the Internet will have a tendency, the Internet should be free of charge. There are just a lot of good things on the Internet is really free, and free is a powerful means of network marketing.

free strategy to make the browser into a fixed user resistance is greatly reduced. A visitor to your site, if you provide some free stuff, so that visitors become your customers, or free customers or members, there are opportunities to sell products to pay him the possibility to increase.

for this browser, do not use white, do not download white do not download, do not look at the white do not look at him without any loss. For the webmaster, adding a free user increases the likelihood of generating a paid user in the future.

free strategy is also a strong viral strategy. People who see free stuff on your website can recommend it to others without psychological burden. Anyway, is free of charge, will not be considered to take any kickbacks or benefits to recommend others to visit your site.

free things we like, so it is easy to spread out.

of course there is another truth: there is no such thing as a free lunch.

The network marketing strategy of

free strategy or for profit after the foundation of the day. Get the user with a free thing, it is necessary to earn money in other places.

free strategy can have many forms, for example, for everyone to develop ideas.

1) SEO industry’s most famous successful free strategy application, that is, Hu Baojie’s free SEO ebook. Author Hu Baojie for this book fame, but this book is widely used in the network, the virus is very strong.

although the book is free, Hu Baojie get visibility and status. Her return from a free ebook is probably much greater than the time it takes to write an ebook.

2) free stuff can also be bundled with a paid product. Sometimes a total of 100 dollars, but you can give a lot of things, but also the value of things added together, looked very happy, may be worth hundreds of pieces. Of course, this gift is often easy to copy a lot, without the need for high cost, such as e-books, white papers, reports, etc..

some people buy the final decision, often in the gift of a large number of free gifts to promote the.

3) e-mail marketing also often requires the assistance of free strategy. The online electronic magazine what innumerable visitors, subscribe to your electronic magazine? At this point you need to give the viewer a reason

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