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The age of the Internet information

the invention of the computer brings bigger and faster transmission way of information transmission and more channels, the competition is more intense, product updates more frequently, more personalized customer demand. In short, the market is changing rapidly, the industry faces more decisions and opportunities every day. This makes the speed of decision-making is more important. Shop No. 1, former chairman Yu Gang said in a blog: for many companies and industries in the special stage, influence the decision speed on the success of no less than the quality of decision making for the electricity supplier industry, the speed of decision-making is particularly important.

Shop No. 1, chairman Yu Gang said that the traditional decision-making scientific application process: collect raw data were filtered and analyzed to determine the decision objectives and constraints, the establishment of the optimization model and solution, the results are used to support the decision. The decision mechanism is based on a very important assumption that we have enough time to do all of this, and this assumption is extremely extravagant.


The quality of

decision is important? No doubt! But if because of the need to analyze and discuss a lot to get the optimal decision, found the opportunity is gone, things have changed in the implementation of this decision, the high quality decision-making and what is the effect?

1 shop chairman Yu Gang said that although most of the e-commerce industry is not real-time decision-making, but every decision makers are facing a sense of urgency, and even a lot of strategic decisions should be made quickly. The reason is very simple: a good business model will soon be copied, size, strength, system development ability, basic business module into the enterprise will make a good idea immediately socialization, and makes creative enterprise value reduction.

according to Chairman Yu Gang, chairman of the 1 shop in the blog, shop No. 1 was able to grow up quickly, but also with the company to quickly make decisions inseparable. Three years ago, the shop was inspired by a business model in the United States, the introduction of a deep discount every day of the merchandise, attracting a large number of customers every day, the viscosity is very strong, 1. In the just and his partner Liu Junling made a decision on the way to work, immediately convene the relevant departments to develop quickly, the group of goods, design marketing promotion plan, the on-line "Daily", since the project has become the No. 1 shop signs.

Another example of

is to lead the domestic two-dimensional code shopping trend unlimited 1 shop project. The project ideas from last year to just one day to see micro-blog Tesco in a South Korean subway station launched Virtual Store, and won the Cannes Advertising Festival Awards, second days 1 store within the organization to discuss, think the concept of this form is very fit 1 store supermarket and has just launched the pocket Shop No. 1 promotion at present, decided to try.

1 shop chairman Yu Gang revealed that when the real project to do, after careful consideration to find the task to achieve a wide range of vision, very complex, quickly launched almost mission >

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