What is a generic URL

is a new network name access technology, is the fastest and most convenient network access standard.

      the evolution of network name access technology has gone through the following process. Initially for the convenience of memory, the network staff will be binary " 0"; " 1" composed of the network address is divided into four segments, and the use of decimal means to be expressed, which is the IP address. Subsequently, researchers will be pure digital representation of the IP address based on the more convenient to facilitate the memory of the character type identification, which is based on the IP address of the domain name system. Domain name system has been widely used in various applications of the Internet, such as e-mail and FTP, greatly promoted the popularity of the internet. General web site technology is a kind of access technology based on domain name, dedicated to WWW browsing. Through the establishment of the corresponding relationship between the general web site and the website address URL, it effectively reduces the complexity of the domain name system, and is a convenient way to realize the browser access. Visitors do not have memory or input http://s., WWW,.Com,.Net and other complex English domain address, just enter the name of general website such as enterprises, products, brands or Pinyin in the browser URL bar can reach the target site.

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