Case of a new marketing strategy

some time ago, a friend of mine asked me to share something that made him very confused:

he was prepared to spend 200 dollars to budget for their children to prepare a children’s Day gift, a gift in the period just to see a toy robot’s new promotional ads on TV, his son is in love, he also felt that the robot is good, the price is also in his budget that he had promised his son said that children’s day send this gift to him. When the children’s day a few days, he will go to the website to buy the robot when the site sales staff told him that the toy robot too popular and out of stock, and the children’s Day is coming, my friend "had" on the site to buy a look before and that almost the robot as a gift.

on children’s day, he bought the robot to his son. The gift of things even over, but in the evening, he and his son saw before the robot ads on television, advertising said that robot has patched the goods, can be purchased at the site. After reading this ad, his son began to quarrel with him and asked him to buy the robot to him, and said that this is what you promised. No way, in the end he went to buy the robot on the ad to his son.

this event makes my friend doubts that he was only going to use 200 dollars to give son gifts, but also do on children’s day to his son, but he ultimately spent 2 times the budget, bought 2 robots (actually the original needs just 1).

this incident made him very puzzled, but we look down to the system is very easy to find, this is actually the toy company’s new product promotion strategy, the strategy of the successful implementation of the three objectives: the new product by the user in mind; new drive the sales of other products; the depth of digging out the needs of users. At the same time, it also solves the problem that the new product is difficult to be accepted, and the income from advertising expenditure is much higher than that of the conventional advertising.

that is to say, this marketing strategy is very successful, so we might as well look at the case in this new product promotion, which marketing strategy.

is the first choice to give a powerful warm-up time. The new preheating allows users to produce vision, and the vision is in a specific time, users more memories, also often think of this; even preheating will let users generate some wish and promise, my friend in the children’s day gave his child a promise, the promise is driven after him the fundamental reason will buy again.

is a new stock strategy. The new product seems to be out of stock will let users lose confidence, but in fact, the lack of new products can only reflect the extent of the goods sold, but also allows users to know that this product is very popular, which is also for the user

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