Simple is the best way to promote the network

is now the midnight, I idle around the Baidu Post Bar and some websites. I have a few months time did not see Baidu post bar Pizhou and Baidu know. Because before doing a lot of time to promote the account has been closed, and the feeling is not meaningful, it did not insist on. Now think of it, network promotion methods so much, what am I looking for what kind of methods? In fact, after much deliberation, the most simple is the best method of network promotion.

There are many ways to promote the

network, the most commonly used is SEO. Many people think that network promotion is SEO. So, we all want to learn SEO, SEO feel very magical, omnipotent look. Shao Lianhu is also with everyone, was SEO to deceive, pay so much time and energy to learn SEO. However, SEO really bring their own what, but let their lost direction, do not know exactly what their own network promotion methods.

below to give you an analysis of what in the end what kind of network promotion method is the best, the most suitable for everyone.

first, most people think that high technology is a good way to

1, in the network promotion, most people is the best SEO. Because they feel SEO technology is high, very magical. So they have entered the ranks of the SEO. But in the end, desperately update the site, do the chain site and how?

2, soft Wen promotion is also considered the best method. Because the soft Wen can go to A5 and search and so on some webmaster nets contribute, can be reproduced by many people. Can also be released to other sites, because we know the effect of the soft chain, you can improve the ranking of the site.

3, encyclopedia, library class we also believe that good. I have tried, how not to pass, I do more libraries. Not just the more. Because the library has to write their own articles, of course, can also be reproduced, but I am not purely to do the chain.

in short, in the eyes of everyone, the network promotion may be SEO, or is to write soft. However, is this really the case? SEO is not everyone can learn, and a little understanding of the site of the technology will be very difficult to learn SEO. Furthermore, writing is also very hard, typing slow, poor writing skills can not write. So, if you don’t, you can think of a simple way.

second, we summarize some simple network promotion method

1, blog message promotion. Today, I saw a blog article, said to be a day to hundreds of blog messages, and will get a return visit to the other party, and some will leave a message. Because I saw a message in my blog today, I also went to the other side of the blog and leave a message. So, want to promote their blog to the relevant blog message, the effect is very good.

2, Forum promotion method. Promotion in forum

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