Bitcoin China disguised by third party payment platform recharge regulatory challenges


bitcoin China fast recharge challenge regulation

Beijing Business Daily News (reporter Yue Pinyu) when the central bank blocked bitcoin third party payment channels, bitcoin China tried to circumvent the regulation in another way. Beijing Daily reporter learned yesterday, the self BTCC code recharge channels (similar to Mobile Recharge Card) cover, bitcoin Chinese called a Jingdong to "third party cooperation platform, to provide fast recharge payment services in disguise.

Beijing Daily reporter yesterday from the Chinese bitcoin website was informed that the current RMB recharge system in bitcoin China on the site in addition to the Jingdong code recharge channels, click on the link to investors Jingdong will jump to the Yi Jingdong platform, then only through online banking payment recharge amount can be real-time arrival, and online payment interface third party payment agencies paid for. Beijing Daily reporter found that in the operation process, the new way to recharge, and earlier in the bitcoin trading platform directly through the third party payment recharge and no real difference, but by Yi Jingdong this transit sites can skip regulators banned bitcoin trading platform and the third party payment institutions direct cooperation of the red line.

after the central bank has issued a notice prohibiting the third party payment institutions and banks to provide fast service recharge, a lot of bitcoin trading platform will be forced to by way of remittance recharge, but the bank remittance recharge to account for at least several hours, for investors to bear the huge uncertainty among them, this bitcoin China built BTCC code recharge channels, to recharge channels on the surface of BTCC Jingdong is one of the top channel code.

in the Jingdong before the opening of recharge channels, recharge recharge channels through the BTCC code, need to bitcoin buyers through the agent of Taobao stores or other merchants to buy prepaid card in the BTCC code, the official website China bitcoin confirmed by BTCC code corresponding to the amount of prepaid card recharge. But the bitcoin Chinese Xintian Yi Jingdong recharge channel does not need to buy BTCC code from the website of Jingdong to recharge card, do not need to obtain the customer service from the Jingdong to the BTCC code, but by the system automatically obtain BTCC code to complete recharge, in this way, the recharge process can be completed in 5 minutes.

Beijing Daily reporter login Yi Jingdong website noted that the site currently hang out goods only game cards and smart mobile phone, did not like the rest of BTCC code agency in the web pages directly provide BTCC code card. Beijing Daily reporter tried to contact the Jingdong to the website, but the website below the phone call, the display is empty. In this regard, the Beijing Daily reporter asked bitcoin China’s customer service, the customer service, said Jingdong and other agents of the BTCC code of the Taobao shop, are their agents. Beijing Daily reporter asked the payee paid, paid service to the Beijing Daily reporter said, they are only responsible for providing payment interface, and can not determine the cooperation each other is bitcoin China or easy Jingdong website.

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