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grassroots webmaster you should put the user experience in what position

on the Internet in recent years, we have been in the user experience that the user, however, how many grassroots webmaster is standing in the user experience on the site? Just some large portal around me can a large portal can make nothing of it, even so, no wonder the station also began to play "rogue users experience".

confused Webmaster: do users or products?

users of the site, usually starting from the site itself function. Professional stations such as campus network (such as Kaixin), this website has two previous successful practice is a powerful need to inject funds, let it have adequate sources of advertising users, allowing users to Everfount to attract fixed user group let, fun and interesting. So that the virtual site performance. As we all know, the user is God. God is the source of money. Two is for the special users. For example, specifically for office workers,

will search keywords in the top 10 Baidu

first point: after the station is completed, it is best to submit to the BAIDU initiative, told a new place where the contents of the reptile appeared. For example, after surveying the house to do on-line, I manually submitted to the baidu several times. In general, there is no question of the station, about 15 days will be received.

interview: grassroots network of grassroots grassroots master heart classic

grass roots network has a unique personality, from LOGO design to the overall layout of the site every step from the grassroots. Grassroots Internet site, but a lot of mention grassroots network, the first thought is absolutely Grass roots network like grass in the hearts of all rooted in your roots, no alternative.

, COM and CN who do it

station security stationAfter the

2006 tiger cool COM domain name was "confiscated" because of commercial disputes, the major domestic domain agent have to speculation, said.Com domain is not safe, highly praised the domain name.Cn. During the year when the CN domain name of 1 yuan experience, a very influential element of the CN domain name. The report was a lot of hype, all is the root of my first reported a "tiger cool by the confiscation of web news! Many years later, every thought of this thing, my heart is still like a worm crawling uncomfortable

do stand 6 years bumpy road 10 lessons learned

I am a novice, do not understand the program, it can be said that the mind is a blank, but I do have a strong interest in the station. At first, I got to know the site through self-help Station, free to apply for a space of 90 yuan a year. Later I met gongbang, made a comprehensive network of political resources. Spent 120 yuan to buy an Olympic version of the space, only a dozen M, I use the self-service network in the way of the password to start the toll station, I really did not expect to earn

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