QQ online shopping mall sale into the WeChat advance secretly by an unknown path selection

[Reuters] before the date of the state power, billion state power network noted that the opening entrance has been quietly for the QQ online shopping mall and the WeChat collection, sale mode, provide more support for the flow of brands.

at present, open WeChat featured mall, you can see the selection of brand poly benefits three entrance. Which is still under the selection of easy fast network output of small household electrical appliances, daily necessities, maternal and other commodities, the number of recommended products from the original 15 to increase to 30 per day.

in the brand column, WeChat mall is a direct introduction of the QQ online shopping brand, opened a limited discount buy promotions, discount intensity roughly 2 to about 70 percent off.

billion state power network to see, including the starry, Septwolves, LOCK&LOCK, GXG, Anna, first language, Daphne and other well-known domestic brands have settled.




access QQ online shopping mall featured brand sale, WeChat can directly pay


brand goods can be paid directly by WeChat prior to purchase, if the mobile phone users for fast and easy net registered users, delivery of information to its usual delivery address and telephone number will jump directly and display the payment page in WeChat.

It is reported that

, QQ online shopping began to follow the model of vip.com last year, launched the "brand" channel, the selection of cooperation with WeChat mall, in the light of its general trend, opens a window for mobile ports.

can be seen, hidden in my bank card below the WeChat mall has become an important choice for Tencent mobile operators. Fast and easy network as early as last year, double eleven, Double Twelve period began to try WeChat diversion, and with the help of WeChat mobile phone consumer payment form closed loop.

data show that the eleven day of the same day, WeChat select mall to get the order of 80 thousand, accounting for the amount of easy fast day orders of 13%. Since then, WeChat will continue to expand the category selected mall, from digital, home appliances, extended to mother, shoes, daily necessities, food and beverage etc..

obviously, as an open platform business Tencent electricity supplier QQ online shopping settled WeChat just a matter of time.

, however, for the WeChat mall, the next challenge is whether to give way to Jingdong.

March 10th, the Tencent officially announced that the capital of Jingdong, and the Jingdong will also take advantage of Tencent’s pat, QQ online shopping into the arm, at the same time, also holds a small stake in easy fast network. Tencent in addition to come up with $214 million, but also promised to open the WeChat, mobile phone entry location of the first class. This also means that the Jingdong successfully got the mobile Tencent donated tickets.

on the entrance of the dispute, along with the fast and easy natural death and QQ online shopping into the Jingdong POP system, the next stage, the most likely to choose the mall Jingdong

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