From the station to DC sales transposition thinking

simple summary I do a little feeling of IDC sales,

I feel that I am not suitable for sales, but I do stand some experience, the feeling of selling space should be more familiar with the use of

but before that, when you think this product is not very good, but to describe it perfectly, I also bought a lot of space, with a variety of IDC, so fully understand what customers want, he needs what kind of space. But as sales, our goal is to sell the space, and then to make customer satisfaction with the service to make up for the lack of products.

sometimes, in order to sales performance, but had no choice but to do everything possible to retain large customers, even if the space is not suitable for him, I would like to continue

"so worry customers buy until now. Colleagues say, so you can be considered a qualified sales.

confused, my passion has slowly receded, performance is not good, and finally left the company..

too many details, I do not want to say more, but at the same time as the webmaster and the space provider transposition experience, I deeply understand a truth:

to be honest.

I’m not just selling space products, but also services. If there is a chance, I must do it, let the webmaster and space business interests to achieve a "win-win situation" and "harmony", the same is grassroots brothers, unkind words, really sorry for my friends "old webmaster" called

!Here are some

buy space experience I summarize, veterans who do not have to read, but certainly also many of my friends have some help.

1, IDC site is very atmospheric, not necessarily a credit, the space will be good, the service will be good.

2, there is no good cheap goods, but the goods than the three, there are always relatively cheap goods.

3, a valued space, then consult customer service, if you know the parameters, also want to ask the Xiangxi space:

(1) whether there is a customer site demo space can try?

there is no demonstration of the trial, it is necessary to observe a few days to demonstrate whether the space is stable, the speed of different periods of time in a day,

if the demonstration and trial are not, it should consider the next one, a space provider does not give you a demonstration, do not give you a trial, you dare to buy it?

(2) if the PHP+MYSQL environment is to clear space, WIN system or LINUX system, don’t allow them to cheat, LINUX IIS said no, some space will tell you not to limit IIS, not limited to CPU, this is not possible. LINUX space is generally limited traffic, WIN system is only limited to CPU words, but also to look at the price, and then contrast, some CPU restrictions than IIS also fierce, you DE>

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