Xiamen citizens Cai Mingchao registered domain name is Yu Jian CA Network

March 3rd hearing,.Com,.Net,.Cn domain names have been taken away, I can only note.Com.cn." Yesterday, reporters learned through private channels, users have already registered under the domain name www.caimingchao.com.cn, ready to build a website with Cai Mingchao.

registered under the domain of the netizen is Xiamen Siming District an ordinary white-collar workers, he told reporters that he had been interested in the collection industry, 2006 Cai Mingchao photographed the Buddha, he was interested in Cai Mingchao. Now online rumors about Cai Mingchao a lot, but I think, to 1 billion people took the Buddha, is not no money pay bill heads." He said, "previously, Cai Mingchao film has caused a sensation when the Buddha, was accepted an interview with very little, if this time Mr. Cai is to hype, I don’t believe. I believe he is a Chinese conscience to stand out! "

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is taken Chinese mysterious Old Summer Palace curzoniae first identity has been exposed. It is reported that the mysterious buyer is Chinese China Xiamen collector Cai Mingchao, he said it would not have taken the first payment of pika.


March 2nd, the lost artefacts fund deputy director general Niu Xianfeng (left) and Old Summer Palace rabbit and rat head auction placards behind the principal Cai Mingchao (right three) at a press conference.


this is the principal Cai Mingchao, he is the Chinese rescue of the loss of overseas heritage special fund collection Consultant (March 2nd photo).


Chinese Old Summer Palace mouse and rabbit head like

Xinhuanet.com Beijing

on 2 March, the lost artefacts fund deputy director general in March 2nd in Beijing cattle Xianfeng held a press conference that the lost artefacts Fund Consultant Cai Mingchao participated in the Old Summer Palace rabbit and rat head in France Paris auction, and became the last bidder.

Niu Xianfeng told reporters: Although Cai Mingchao with a total of 31 million 490 thousand euros in France, Paris took the Old Summer Palace rabbit and rat head, but have not yet paid, and is still in the payment period, so the auction can the final transaction is unknown.

Cai Mingchao said at a news conference: "I will not pay. At that time, every Chinese would stand up and I just did my duty."

Cai Mingchao and the Chinese special fund to rescue the loss of overseas heritage

Cai Mingchao, general manager of an art company in Xiamen. He served from 2006 to one hundred and sixteen million and six hundred thousand Hong Kong dollar film "Yongle Shakya Muni statue" >

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