Group purchase website hits subtraction for profit before winter

news October 12th, Internet stage never lack of passion, the development speed of the tide tide often dizzying. This time, the show is the crazy Chinese and the first group purchase market, unlimited scenery and now the twofold day complete interpretation of the process.

after a brief high-speed development, China group purchase market quickly put away light into the early winter. But industry analysts said, this is just a beginning, with the group purchase website service short board has become increasingly prominent, users of the website of the group purchase group purchase confidence on their own website, to tighten policy intensifies, the Chinese group purchase market will experience a long cold winter, the industry will accelerate differentiation, on site to dig people crazy expansion group purchase era.

now buy the market, filled with a variety of criticism, poor quality of service after the group, the complaint rate is high, and even the phenomenon of the phenomenon of frequent buy site roll off. According to the China consumer association data reality, since 2011, the Association received complaints around the group purchase users, mainly reflected in the beauty salon, catering accommodation, photography, leisure fitness group purchase in the process of damage to the interests and group purchase service dissatisfaction.

from the group purchase website itself explosion to millions of businesses into the group purchase marketing, to large-scale outbreak of complaints, the final point of the responsible party is the group purchase website, users made the collective apathy crazy condition group purchase website cooled down, although the network group purchase station have made improving services, improve business audit efforts to secure the interests of users of good cards to save their own signs, but "downsizing" is a key link for the group purchase website into the rapids of the river.

layoffs out of the plight of the cost of life-saving straw?

The incoming

capital winter has exacerbated the group purchase industry stretched. At the same time, the capital chain to receive the test, the major group buying sites have broke the news of massive layoffs, just to reduce labor costs in the depressed operating conditions, control operating costs. Previously, with overseas descent Gaopeng continuous layoffs. According to informed sources, at least 13 Gaopeng substation overall removed, 18 races were part of layoffs, which are Shanghai, Hangzhou and other key city. The total number of layoffs has exceeded 400 people.

is also a rapid rise of the group purchase website of Wo Wo Group, on the eve of the National Day also traced 70% layoffs. Although Wo Wo Group CEO Xu Maodong strongly denied, but dismissed employees lawyer Zhao Zhanling also disclosed that Wo Wo Group massive layoffs in batches.

in addition, including the second group purchase website happy net, group purchase Groupon, also have massive layoffs, tighten their belts for the winter, Groupon also came to the site staff from 4000 to 700. For a time, once the sales to create "the group purchase website staff pleased with oneself the twinkling of an eye to feel insecure embarrassing realm, part of the staff in the company layoffs is not on.

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