Foreign media said Tencent spend 8 million acquisition of WE com domain name

Tencent spent $8 million acquisition of domain name


[TechWeb] August 6th news, a blog post published on the foreign website namepros said Tencent spent $8 million acquisition of domain name.

A blog post published on the website of

namepros (hereinafter referred to as the namepros blog post) said that a few months ago completed the acquisition of domain buyers is a Tencent Inc for $8 million. The blog authors as James · yileisi "(James Iles).

TechWeb network query domain information discovery, domain owners now appear as "Xiamen eName Network", which is called a "domestic" Chinese "domain name trading site.


network domain name information

in June this year, foreign media reported that the domain name change, the price is unknown, unknown buyers. The original owner of the domain name is North California Alf, he (she) from 2006 to begin ownership of Temme.

namepros blog article said that the acquisition of Tencent transaction is achieved through the domain name trading platform Sedo, and therefore paid about $1 million commission.


blog also said that the trading price of $8 million for the acquisition among the seven domain name trading case, it is closer than to price $500 thousand less. (small peak)

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