The era of internationalized domain names in different languages Rainbow Night users reaction

November 2009 China Internet Information Center (CNNIC) announced that China will formally apply for registration, China as the world’s top domain name, users are expected to enter the entire Chinese domain name login website in the future. In January 21, 2010, ICANN (I CANN) official website announced, Egypt, Russia, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates can apply for their native language internet name added to the root domain name system of the Internet era is the official arrival of international domain name. However, for the launch of international domain names, different language users can be described as Rainbow Night reaction.

Russian domestic untrusted domain name

Published an article on the

website "international domain name" New York Times before the promotion in Russia’s domestic travel reports. According to reports, the most widely used portal Yandex estimation in Russia, the Russian domain users in the support rate of less than 10%, the reason is the use of new domain is more complex and there are many unsafe factors. The majority of Russian businessmen have also said the development prospects are not optimistic about the Russian name, worried that the new trademark registration may affect its business interests. LiveJournal is the largest Internet community in Russia and even made it clear that will not provide Russian domain name service.

Compared with

, according to China Internet Information Center released ". China" domain name National beta shows that 94.35% of netizens have expressed their willingness to participate in the beta ". Chinese" domain name website.

according to Russian official statistics, more than 140 million people in Russia, more than 30 million people use the Internet every week, and the fastest growth rate of Internet users in europe. With the rapid development of the Internet in the country, the Chinese and Russian Internet users for the internationalization of the domain name is far. What is the reason?

it is understood that the attitude of the Russian Internet users on the international domain of caution mostly for security reasons. At the beginning of the domain name is black Baidu caused a great disturbance incident has sounded the alarm security domain, according to the national Internet emergency center sampling monitoring results, 2009 China has been tampered with the number of sites each month amounted to 42 thousand. Days ago, one entitled "international domain name (IDN) to phishing stampede in articles have been reproduced?" on the Internet, the author simply enumerates and explains some loopholes. For example, in some browsers, using different character domain names may be identical to its shape. In the artificial domain as an example, the Indo European and Russian character that doesn’t look what is different, but in fact the two names are different, and the use of such vulnerabilities is a phishing site implementation of network crime trick. As early as 2005, the famous Firefox browser software (FireFox) was closed so that short-term international domain name function.

Qi Lin, assistant director of the China Internet Network Information Center, said, "China" domain name can effectively reduce the occurrence of phishing because of domain name theft and other cyber crimes

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