Daily topic after being blocked by Taobao shopping guide website is now okay

A5 webmaster network (www.admin5.com) May 20th news, shopping guide website and electronic business platform is a parasitic relationship, from the first day of the shopping guide website appears on the face of the possibility of blocking. Beautiful said, mogujie.com, 800 of these are blocked by the Taobao shopping guide website now okay?

has experienced a ban on Taobao, in October 25th last year, mogujie.com has its own online business platform excellent shop. Although it is forced to, but mogujie.com firmly believe that the vertical platform to do the site is the right choice. Beautiful said the person in charge of the market, said the current beauty is also gradually increasing support for businesses, there have been thousands of merchants settled in the beautiful said trading platform. At the same time, they also develop their own fashion buyers.

mogujie.com was founded three years, has accumulated 69 million registered members, and after data showed, compared to the mogujie.com search engine, from the shopping guide website guide to the Taobao store buyers to buy good quality and high conversion rate, high user viscosity, these users are from mogujie.com shopping guide transformation do sales where emboldened.

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to find a godfather of the Internet era, "so far we have no godfather, we are not going to find the godfather." Mogujie.com founder June said electricity supplier is all the giants are doing. And this category of clothing you do electricity supplier is around but. That seriously I will ask, how to do the internal competition and we also look at the beautiful said to take the money of the Tencent, but did not see what the Tencent entry level support."

before being blocked by Taobao, the beauty is said to be outside the definition of women’s fashion shopping guide website. Beautiful said the founder and CEO Xu Yirong told the media, the founder of the website, because he found that the number of product categories and sellers of Taobao have been too rich, that even the girls love shopping also takes a long time to find their favorite clothing. Then, through the beautiful said similar to Sina micro-blog in a way that allows users to share their love of the clothing information here, the formation of user stickiness, which attracted a large number of Taobao released information in the beautiful clothing merchant said. When the user clicks on these clothing information, and then jump to the Taobao commodity page to complete the purchase.

since the end of 2012, said the beauty of the choice of Tencent, it is the business of the chain to Taobao often appear not open. Even more interesting is that there is a time when users search on Baidu, beauty, said the key words, the first search results turned out to be Taobao. In 2013, said the flow of beautiful decline, Alexa global ranking fell from more than 1000 all the way to the top 6000. With the escalation of Ali and Tencent in 2013 of the century war, Taobao finally chose to block the beautiful said. This is tantamount to breaking the beauty of the road before the realization of the business.


of the company’s annual meeting, said the beautiful founder and CEO Xu Yirong announced to all employees in 2013, said to achieve the beautiful 2>

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