Adsense network broadcast P2P frequently black bitcoin trading platform Vircurex facing bankruptcy

1 P2P was hacked 35 technical personnel into the standard


March 23rd morning, a malicious hacker attacks on the boycott and the statement by the third party blackmail and impose exactions on "network information platform net loan lending eye hanging at its official web page, which then issued a statement two days ago, the site was hacked due access has been difficult, was unable to open the page.

coincidentally, last week, the net loan home, the first net loans and many other third party net loan information platform that was hacked, some sites also extortion. With the gradual exposure of P2P net loan platform system security issues, net loan industry systemic technical security issues of concern.

known as the "first year of Internet banking in 2013, on-line P2P net loan platform up to hundreds of fierce competition, the majority of net loan platform for a short time, on-line time, trading system developers, leading to the existence of security risks, the trading system of net loan platform in addition, P2P net loan platform of professional and technical personnel shortages also bring hackers can take advantage of the machine.

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2 Beijing based virtual currency exchange Vircurex will become the next Mt.Gox

March 24th, bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox bankruptcy storm has not yet subsided, but the recent troubled exchange can be more than this one, according to technology blog The Nex Web reported that the Beijing based virtual currency exchange Vircurex under a serious financial crisis, has stopped bitcoin, Wright coins and other virtual currency withdrawals all the accounts, and freeze the existing users in today’s.

Vircurex has been hacked two times last year, so has been using a cold storage (ie, offline preservation) of virtual currency reserves to compensate for the impact of these attacks in the user in the two. But Vircurex said that in the past few weeks, massive withdrawals have taken up its reserves, which means it has no money to pay for the victims.

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3 circle of friends cooked can do a monthly income of tens of thousands of


WeChat opened a new era of mobile phone communication, it is no exaggeration to say that, with a lot of marketing personnel have the place, then from the initial fresh friends, to the advertising positions, and now still have large quantities of marketing personnel in the input energy in operation time.

In fact, most of the marketing

do WeChat know, those people said no effect is so good, and the circle of friends made > Shuabing

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