Ofo respond to the new regulations of Shenzhen share bikes will actively communicate with government


technology news (Li Ruchao) December 28th news, the Shenzhen Municipal Transportation Committee issued 27 "several opinions on encouraging the standardization of Internet bicycle service (Draft)" (hereinafter referred to as "the draft"), sharing platform ofo released bicycle responded that will continue to actively communicate with government departments and cooperate in the government departments under the guidance of development and actively participate in relevant policies to solicit opinions.

, according to Xinhua news agency, Shenzhen currently has ofo, bluegogo, v-mobile blue, Xiaoming 4 Internet bicycle company, has invested about 120 thousand vehicles, according to the promotion plan of each enterprise, before the Spring Festival to promote the city scale will reach 210 thousand. In this situation, it is very necessary to supervise the shared bicycle.

it is reported that the draft clearly pointed out that the scale of the vehicle bicycle sharing platform launch should be matched with the vehicle capacity; should buy third party liability insurance, personal accident insurance and insurance; charge a deposit, to set up a special deposit account, accept third party supervision, to ensure earmarking for users to set up personal; credit management system.

this regard, ofo believes that the draft is a recognition and support for the sharing of bicycles, which will be more conducive to providing support for the short distance travel services for the people of Shenzhen. In addition, ofo also said it would actively cooperate with the government departments to do a good job of publicity and education, guide and regulate the user to comply with traffic rules.

below is the ofo on the "opinions on promoting the standardization of Internet bicycle service (Draft)" the full text of the response:

ofo is pleased to witness together with the community Chinese Internet (shared bike cycling) milepost event history! Released for the Shenzhen Municipal Transportation Committee, aims to encourage self regulate the Internet several opinions on promoting the healthy development of Internet traffic services Bicycle "(Draft)" issued, reflecting on the as the representative of the ofo Internet bicycle (bike sharing) recognition and support of new formats. The creation and development of the Internet bicycle (shared bicycle) is the choice of the market. Thanks to the Shenzhen municipal government and relevant departments for the Internet represented by ofo (shared bicycle bicycle) enterprises to create a good environment for the development of Shenzhen, it will be more conducive to our short distance travel services for the people of Shenzhen to provide support.

as the world’s first open sharing mode without post bicycle industry leader, ofo has been committed to provide users with easy to ride a bicycle at the same time, also provides a strong guarantee for the user’s safe riding, as early as in May 2016, ofo has become the industry’s first security for users to purchase insurance on the Internet (shared bicycle bicycle) enterprises to guide and regulate the civilization; the car, ofo is the first in the industry, it is the only one with a special team to establish vehicle maintenance service system, and is responsible for the parking order management of the enterprise; in the aspect of promoting the development of the cooperation of government and industry, ofo is also actively promoting and the city "

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