The British retailer Argos fought electricity supplier profit soared


] April 27th news billion state power network, the famous department store chain Argos is the key to the development of online retail transformation, at present, this action has brought a surge in profits.

According to

billion state power network to understand, an Argos boss John Walden has developed a five year development plan, sales target is 300 million pounds, including small shops, let consumers from eBay stores to collect orders, Home Furnishing launched products and other items in tourism scenic spot.

the early results of the program is significant, experts predict that Argos’s pre tax profit of home retail sales will reach 130 million pounds, an increase of 13%, while its turnover will grow by 15%.

HSBC analysis, Argos is the strategic focus to digital and localized transfer. Argos managers hope that by 2017 the amount of online transactions accounted for 75% of total turnover. In addition, because consumers are increasingly using mobile phones for shopping, Argos will be based on this trend, re positioning its online sales business model.

is reported that, Argos’s Homebase most of the products can be customized DIY, but due to the DIY market downturn, profits will decline. Last year, Home Retail said it plans to close one of the Homebase four, trying to revive its DIY brand.

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