360 electricity supplier shopping platform quietly started or will rely on selling advertising to ma

news October 13th, the Taobao mall was 7000 small sellers malicious take goods on the occasion, the domestic security platform 360 quietly launched the electricity supplier shopping guide platform (mall.360.cn), and this is following its launch of group purchase navigation platform again cut electricity supplier in this hot market, the Tencent, QQ online shopping platform was officially launched.

it is understood that the 360 electricity supplier shopping guide platform is divided into Taobao, discount, group purchase, digital home appliances, clothing, jewelry, bags and shoes, luxury furniture stores, skin care, maternal and several other categories, including Jingdong mall, Dangdang, where customers, Mcglaughlin, shop No. 1, wheat bags, street network, intime network and other brands have settled.

specifically, 360 are looking for a few shopping guide platform electricity supplier cooperation vertical B2C websites most famous in the sub brand, such as clothing, bags and shoes like Mcglaughlin, wheat bags jewelry selection. 360 electricity supplier shopping platform also provides a simple search function. For example, in search of clothes, there will be related to the goods, these goods are from the specific mall, click to enter the other side of the site.

this is also in front of the Tencent super online business platform, 360 in the latest move in this market. At present, with 360 pure navigation is different, QQ online shopping in digital home appliances, sports shoes, bags, jewelry, beauty beauty, life supermarket, fashion and many other categories of commodities, to provide cash on delivery, fast logistics, long time no reason to return service.

to join the 360 electricity supplier shopping platform, West Street Network CEO Guo Hongchi said he was only responsible for the supply chain and logistics links, the specific cooperation is discussed by other colleagues. However, he said that as long as Taobao, 360, Tencent, Jingdong and other platforms willing to open platform, are willing to join the West Street network.

intime network CEO Liao Bin said that at present, Yintai network and 360 electricity supplier shopping guide platform cooperation is very shallow, the other is just to do a intime network link, act as a navigation function, how will the future development is not good.

Internet analyst Hong Bo said that 360 has been a company selling traffic, do not really e-commerce. Do e-commerce requires a unified account, unified payment function, a unified logistics, 360 electricity supplier shopping guide platform does not have the current three elements, and to achieve these three elements are also very complex 360.

Hong Bo said that the electricity supplier companies need users and traffic, to advertise, 360 just have users and traffic, providing this platform can earn hot money". "Perhaps this hot air after 360 do not do this business, but now can earn this money why not earn it?"

well-known master Guan Peng said, 360 electricity supplier shopping guide platform will only change the group purchase navigation, its not only become the electricity supplier base, electronic business platform. They do electricity supplier lack of ability, if I do electricity supplier I think he can not do it."

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