Deng Ya Ping lost the light of 2 billion immediate search had failed on Laurence talk

Deng Ya Ping lost 2 billion to return to the national team of light sports circle search had to leave immediately

has been in the top of the sports circle countless aura of Deng Ya Ping but lost in the Internet arena. Once upon a time, Deng Ya Ping, as the general manager of the people’s search for the wind and light, with the ambition to build a search team. Now, the search had to leave immediately, Deng Ya Ping lost 2 billion light after return to the sports circle, in 2014 became the world sports award judges Laurence.

almost every Chinese people are very familiar with Deng Ya Ping, a sports celebrity, after all, she was the 18 world champion, also won the Cambridge doctor, is also the ambassador of the Beijing olympics. However, these rings, after all, can not cover up the failure of Deng Ya Ping. According to the prospective network understanding, instantly search sadly closed, Deng Ya Ping pushed in the teeth of the storm. Public opinion has accused Deng Ya Ping lost 2 billion, the search is still closed, and the former Olympic champion has been silent to deal with the accusations of public opinion.

Deng Ya Ping lost 2 billion to return to the national team of light sports circle search had to leave immediately

last year, the immediate search has been closed, Deng Ya Ping in addition to no longer serve as general manager of the post, but still served as Deputy Secretary General of the people’s daily. However, the search for the immediate closure of Deng Ya Ping veiled criticism about other search companies: "we represent the country itself, you (Baidu) do not beat us, you should help us, give us ideas. The most important thing is not to make money, but to fulfill the duties of the state."

and in this time Laurence Award activities, after the defeat of 2 billion in the light of the judges to return to the sports circle of the identity of the. She not only enjoyed the biggest news release provided by the office of the organizers, the familiar face of a reporter, she is his right, of course, the topic is her familiar arena, rather than shopping malls. The Chinese not shortlisted athletes sports Oscar "list of candidates, Deng Ya Ping believes that this award is more commercial stronger, better global promotion of sports, but is not only the Olympic games.

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