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day before the individual shop to the real name registration, a large volume of individual sellers need to pay taxes and other news spread in the industry to raise a Babel of criticism of. Recently, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce said that the relevant measures are still in the research stage, then the time is ripe officially to the public for comments.

according to the interpretation of soliciting opinions, the individual shop to real name system, some of the more need for business registration, tax payment is the core content of one of these measures is to protect the interests of consumers, for now the vigorous development of the individual shop constraints. However, the reporter recently interviewed stakeholders, frankly to restrict fakes on the network, the real name system is not enough. Personal shop norms and management for the business sector is a major challenge.

real name system: couldn’t stop the fake

According to industry and Commerce Department official told reporters that the State Administration for Industry and Commerce on the domestic

new management measures, he just learned from the Internet, has not received the official documents.

personal online real name registration, and apply for business registration, whether it can improve the current domestic network transactions greatly, such as selling fake issues? The source said, the industrial and commercial registration of the individual shop management, guarantee the rights and interests of consumers have some help, if you can eliminate fake, is a big challenge facing the management department.

industrial and commercial departments in the inspection or received a complaint, found that a physical shop selling fake and shoddy goods, it will issue a rectification notice to deal with counterfeit and shoddy products. However, the virtualization of the individual shop, how to conduct inspections, as well as the identification of the sale of fake and shoddy products have a certain degree of difficulty".

in addition, the business sector, even if the company found that the main business of illegal acts, there is no right to freeze their bank accounts.

it is understood that the current domestic large C2C site, has opened shop real name registration, however, fake consumer deception and other events, still often seen in the newspapers.

industry insiders said that the supervision of individual shops, the need for the business sector, the Public Security Bureau, the banking regulatory bureau, the Inland Revenue Department and other functional departments to complete cooperation. Real name registration, and even business registration is just the beginning of a management.

levy taxes: or will raise the price of online shopping goods

In addition to the real name registration system

, a large volume of the seller to pay a certain amount of tax revenue has become the focus of public concern. The reporter understands, around a lot of Taobao now also quietly sellers complain incessantly".

now personal shop competition, many sellers profit in general. But want to do very good business now, but also the purchase of "Pu" and "Wang shop" and other props, the need to pay a monthly fee. But also to pay taxes, I believe many shops can be closed directly. In addition, most of the owners should be passed on to the consumer tax

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