Ali cloud then recruiting Taobao passenger commissions soared to 15%


] June 4th news billion state power network, billion state power network was informed that in order to further expand the Ali cloud customer base, Taobao intends to raise Ali mother off promotion efforts, trading commissions have increased from 12% last year to 15%.

it is understood that the average price of a single copy of Ali cloud orders higher than 1500 yuan, and the return of the lowest Commission of 15% transactions. After that, Ali mother will be for Taobao customers, the use of the ladder to return the Commission, and will launch a targeted promotion plan.


Taobao Ali cloud promotion page

previously, Ali cloud official announced a sharp reduction in the entire region of Qingdao cloud product prices, including cloud servers, relational database services, cloud storage, CDN, the average decline of 10%.

it is reported that this is half a year, fourth times the price of Ali cloud, the total price of some products more than 50%. Obviously, the decline in transaction prices, is bound to affect the enthusiasm of the promotion of Taobao customers. Therefore, to enhance the 3 rebate to Taobao customers, to some extent continue to stimulate the "empire of the ants".

actually, Ali cloud since September last year has been assigned to Ali mother promotion alliance. According to Ali mother said, Ali cloud promotion service fee will be effective promotion of income × 12% (promotion service fee ratio) calculation. One of the effective promotion of income refers to the successful promotion of Taobao customers do not have a valid server users to pay the actual income.

earlier, chairman of the board of directors of Alibaba Ma proposed "platform, financial data, echelon strategy, future Alibaba following three stages of development, the final data platform instead of business platform, Alibaba will become a data exchange platform.

"from today’s point of view the situation, even if the wireless clients fast, we should still adhere to invest heavily in the cloud. Cloud (Cloud+App) will be the key to the future of mobile internet. Of course, we are currently on the App side of the performance is not satisfactory, but fortunately, the end of the market has just begun a wonderful." Ma Yun said earlier this year through internal e-mail.

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