The world’s largest bitcoin exchange Mt Gox recovery landing allows users to view only bitcoin balan

Mt.Gox recovery landing allows users to view bitcoin balance

  sina science and technology news Beijing time on March 18th evening news, the world’s largest bitcoin exchange Mt.Gox today to restore the user login page, but currently only supports user query function.

although the site page is restored, but the user can only check the account and the balance of the account through the login account. Mt.Gox said today in a statement on the website, said: "this is only for the convenience of all users, and will not provide any claims relating to the civil regeneration act." Mt.Gox spokesman said in a telephone interview, the site recovered data from the transaction server is closed before the latest data.

Mt.Gox bitcoin transactions last month suddenly interrupted, a week after the Mt.Gox announced the termination of operations. It is said that Mt.Gox suffered a massive hacker attack in the month before the bankruptcy, Mt.Gox most bitcoins stolen by hackers, with a total value of $470 million.

February 28th, Mt.Gox filed for bankruptcy protection in japan. 9 this month, Mt.Gox filed for bankruptcy protection in the United states. (Li Ming)

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