U S group financing 700 million valuation of 5 billion knives Domain meituan com value rose

renamed China (eName.cn) December 22nd hearing, according to news, as the largest public comment competitors of the U.S. group, has completed a new round of $700 million financing in the near future, lead investor Sequoia capital. U.S. mission network domain meituan.com value rose.


figure: U.S. mission network

U.S. mission network on March 2010 on the line, when it was Sequoia Capital A round of $12 million investment. According to industry insiders speculated that this round of financing up to $700 million means that the U.S. group’s valuation of at least $5 billion or more. However, for this valuation, the U.S. group net official declined to comment.

U.S. mission network

official domain name meituan.com was registered in March 2009, with this round of financing, the official domain name will also increase. And another U.S. group domain name meituan.cn, has recently won a 6 digit price by a domain investor. There is a listed company once the United States Mission network, the value of its domain name is self-evident, it is recommended that it is better to get the relevant domain name.

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