Adsense network broadcast Pirate Bay will return Taobao is a fake fake fake and rely on each other

1 unfamiliar street domain sold $7 million 470 thousand won the Sedo platform annual laurel

December 22nd news, according to foreign media reports, Sedo announced the domain name, the sales price of the highest since 2014 in the 2 letter domain name recently, to $1 million 200 thousand, about 7 million 470 thousand yuan (the exchange rate) price, won the annual list title. belongs to the domain of double consonants 2 letter domain name, "Mo Mo, password, sale, naming, mask, mother" and other combination of meaning, it is understood that the domain name system in China from overseas purchase, and transferred to the renamed Chinese management platform. Ranked second is the real, to $350 thousand rally, followed by the mall domain, the auction price of $320 thousand.

2.12306 smooth fare before the peak of the holiday season: an average of 240 thousand hits per second

The average

per click 240 thousand times, known as "the world’s busiest website" 12306 train tickets, the ticket went through before the Spring Festival peak. 21, the reporter went to the website of the interview was informed that, in accordance with this year’s new train ticket pre-sale approach, the Internet is sold on the eve of the new year’s Day (February 18th) train tickets on the 21 day, is expected to sell about 4 million tickets for the tickets on the day of.

According to the

electronic China Railway Science Research Institute deputy director of the Institute of computing technology, 12306 technical director Zhu Jiansheng, 2015 Spring Festival train ticket sale peak day in December 19th, the day of the twelfth lunar month 28 train tickets on sale (February 16th). 12306 site visits (PV) reached record breaking 29 billion 700 million times. On the same day, a total of 9 million 564 thousand tickets for sale, of which the Internet sale of 5 million 639 thousand, accounting for more than 59%, have hit a record high. December 20th, the Internet offering 4 million 577 thousand.

3 Pirate Bay will return to the site again on line  

December 22nd news, according to foreign media reports, the world’s largest BT site Pirate Bay (TPB) two weeks ago by the Swedish police raid, has been in the off state. Until today, the site on the line again, and hung out a pirate flag, that will return.

December 9th, the Pirate Bay in Stockholm, Sweden, nuclear-proof data center after the attack, has been in a closed state. Although there are many Pirate Bay cloning sites and Pirate Bay return rumors, but domain name has been unable to visit until today.

4.56 network was acquired follow-up: small-scale layoffs in January next year with Sohu video intermodal  

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