BAT big three intelligent hardware layout take the fight card bit different platforms

[Abstract] in the face of this emerging industry is likely to become the next entrance, BAT have force, each card layout.

July, the domestic Internet giant in the field of intelligent hardware action frequently.

at the beginning of the month, WeChat to third party hardware vendors to open service number, access to intelligent hardware data; months, Baidu confirmed that is developing unmanned bicycle; 16, Ali started home digital entertainment cooperation program, said in terms of hardware and partners launch more products, and access Ali home digital entertainment ecosystem.

compared with foreign Internet giants, BAT (referring to Baidu, Alibaba and Tencent three Internet companies) in the field of intelligent hardware seems slightly quiet. Although the first half of the Nike Fuelband abolition of intelligent hardware poured cold water, but with apple and Google (micro-blog) have released Homekit and Google fit, from the platform cut into intelligent hardware industry’s move to re ignite the passion for intelligent hardware.

this is likely to become the face of mobile Internet after next to the entrance of the emerging industry, the domestic Internet giant Baidu, Ali, three Tencent have force, each card layout.

BAT in the field of intelligent hardware have done what



hardware products

in May this year, Tencent launched the first intelligent hardware Lobo box, based on the vehicle automatic diagnostic system (On-Board Diagnostics, abbreviated as OBD) to get the car driving data. Lobo box with Tencent Lobo App with mobile phone, the mobile phone information back to App, with GPS and mobile phone network signal data, provide fuel analysis, analysis of driving behavior, driving record and the failure of the rescue service for owners.

build platform

then, WeChat at the beginning of July to the third party service number to the hardware manufacturers to open cooperation for WeChat services, intelligent hardware replaced App for data management, and the introduction of compulsory social system.


BAT three giants, Baidu in the field of intelligent hardware layout as early as last year, Baidu has repeatedly shot.

hardware products

June 2013, Baidu and plump network jointly launched the plump Bracelet ", August and Ying fun technology jointly issued inWatch smart watches.

September 2, 2013, Baidu launched the official website of three hardware products, called small three passenger, including small WiFi, small routing and small TV. In October 24th, Iqiyi TV, December 5th, Baidu cloud technology Wi-Fi Gao Qingyun camera based on small eyes and ears of the i.

in mid July 2014, there is news that Baidu is developing unmanned from >

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