As long as do the extreme all come in a throng

      title I added, according to article in the sentence. The reason to use it as a title, it gives me too much feeling. The following is the original:

      Shenzhen webmaster’s website

      Preface: This is the original starting. Do stand a few years behind, to have 2, 3 months, love is always here, kantie, but has not left behind. Have seen a lot of good articles left behind in the exchange and want to contact the author, but has not yet been found out in almost can’t do anything behind in. With a strong desire to communicate with many of my friends who are out of date, I began to draft this article and apply for it. I hope this article can be verified by fish. Thank you for providing us with this platform, thanks to all those who do not fall behind the publication of some of the original article, let me absorb a lot of nutrition.

      (1) the first network:

      high school graduation, sleight of hand, read a computer professional accounting (I heard a good test, easy to find work, ha ha), not interested in the results, two years after graduation, the exam passed, but the accounting certificate and I don’t have to go, feel boring, accounting should be a woman’s job. During college, a lot of free time, the time go to the room (the cost price, from the province) started to play red alert, play half did not mean. In the computer science and Technology Department of the school "(an extra-curricular learning activities organized by the student union), then our association in the school hall held a weekend projection of large scientific activities, – move a computer, pull the cable, with a large screen, and then cast president, on the keyboard knock on the Hongkong site, after ten minutes, the HONGKONG website appeared on the big screen, cast president excited to announce" we connected to Hongkong’s website, our internet……" The audience boiling, applause………… (remember that was the winter of 1997, Guilin Normal University)

      (2) beginner

      Internet cafes began to rise, there is no national online games, Internet cafes are Tencent QQ the little penguin feed, free space thief, I apply a dozen billion NetEase later, personal space is gone, the remaining 8U8 free 15 MB static space, to tell the truth, the official website of 8U8 is very ugly, as well as the general personal website, but the ultra stable, fast. I will apply for a space for "online music network", of course is stolen love playing games (later, is a fine Digital Corporation 2D animation game), made the game related websites. Do the main page (FrontPage do), call 1> on the page

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