Millet forty percent off valuation financing behind the file allow some investors and employees cash

from 2010 A round of financing valuation of $250 million to start, after 5 financing millet valuation reached $45 billion in December 2014, an increase of more than 180 times. So in the mobile phone industry millet growth and profit decline, and unable to face long-term cash situation, some shareholders by cash advance to lock the interests, fully meet the investment practices, early investors even with 40 percent off sale price also can get good returns, pocket for security.


adhere to the "five years behind the Lei Jun millet millet not listed", some investors began to sell shares for cash.

"one observation" recently obtained a signed "CITIC Capital Investment Opportunity millet stake in the project recommended" project introduction, CITIC Capital launched PE equity investment, the total size of $110 million, for the millet mobile phone 0.45% stake in the company. In this way, the valuation of millet company is about $28 billion (minimum $24 billion 400 million), lower than the previous round of financing millet to create $45 billion valuation.


according to industry sources, there are a number of investment institutions in the retail investors to sell this investment case, the investment amount from 1 million -300 yuan. Investment manager, said the case of the selling point is that you can get the price of millet on the 60% round of financing valuation millet shares, very cost-effective.

CITIC Capital issued a statement on March 10th, which denied.

however, with Lei Jun a series of recent public statements, "one observation" readers can judge for themselves:

In 1,

Chinese earlier this month to accept the Commission innovative business supervision department invited speech, Lei Jun on the listed views, "said the IPO does not exclude millet". But Lei Jun subsequently denied said: "I think the commission I speak not millet IPO seemed to have inappropriate", "millet is the second venture for me, I really want to express with the internal and external, we are directed to do a great company, not for listing.

2, according to the financing problems of millet, Lei Jun recently told the media: "after the last round of financing by the end of 2014, millet has not done a new round of financing, the amount of cash because millet book of more than 10 billion yuan, has been not particularly strong financial pressure".

3, Lei Jun pointed out: there is no specific timetable for the listing of millet, I am considering learning Ali, the establishment of an internal employee options trading system, in order to motivate employees without listing."

in fact, from the beginning of the three quarter of last year, there are a variety of news of millet a new round of financing valuation is blocked, but the rumors have no direct information evidence, millet official also did not directly respond.

domestic investors on the one observation analysis, said: "from 201>

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