Bitcoin eight anniversary currency price break 5000 yuan turnover 20 billion

November 1st, bitcoin prices once again exceeded 5000 yuan level. Coincidentally, the distance to the Cong (Satoshi Nakamoto) the mysterious figure released bitcoin white paper in cryptography on the mailing list, just eight years apart.


historical data show that bitcoin has the highest price since November 2013 of $1151 (about RMB 8000 yuan), but looking back over the past two years, prices rose to $5000 mark is also rare. A currency price exceeded the mark in June of this year, affected by factors such as off the European referendum, bitcoin from 3000 yuan rose to 4000 yuan, only three days time, then the currency price in 5000 yuan more than three days after the end of sideways, sideways, prices plummeted again last 2013; over time the second half of bitcoin rose after 10 times, far apart.

since August this year, bitcoin into the rising channel. October 1st bitcoin opening price of 4043 yuan, on the afternoon of November 1st, bitcoin broke through the highest price of more than $5000 hit a new record of more than four months, a single month rose by 24%. At the same time, bitcoin trading day also rose sharply, reaching 20 billion yuan.

fire currency network COO Zhu Jiawei believes that in recent months, the value of the currency is affected by two aspects. From the technical point of view, bitcoin since August 3rd after the black swan event (i.e. bitfinex massive stealing coins) the overall price rise gradually stabilized, the rising channel in September 4th after the formal entry into the standard. After the early days of sideways adjustment, the military force storage outbreak; factors affecting the long-term and the underlying exchange rate factors.

digital currency is an integral part of the disposal of assets, bitcoin as a new hedging tool has been confirmed several times. June 24th, the United Kingdom announced the referendum decided to take off europe. On the same day, the fire bitcoin currency network of RMB prices rose 18.94% against the dollar, bitcoin prices rose 20.92%; earlier in April 2013, the debt crisis, as bitcoin digital currency to the center has been the European hedge funds of all ages, just a few days from $more than and 30 soared to $265, up 8 times.

in October 1st after the RMB SDR, the unilateral devaluation of the RMB, the cumulative effect of the various markets have begun to show. RMB against the U.S. dollar fell below 6.7 important points, the central parity has repeatedly lowered, bitcoin market with the opposite trend of the RMB, the price steadily rose to more than 4300 yuan. In the opening of the channel down the channel phase, bitcoin or the same dollar, gold and other investors are configured to hedge and hedge assets.

is reported that the RMB is the largest bitcoin trading market, 80% of bitcoin transactions in china.

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