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1.8 ministries to rectify the network sale of color lottery network 500 temporary suspension of  

in WeChat, Alipay and other Internet lottery sales for more than a month after the suspension, the Ministry of finance, the Ministry of public security, State Administration for Industry and Commerce and other eight ministries jointly issued a notice in April 3rd, resolutely stop unauthorized use of the Internet to sell lottery behavior.

according to the announcement, as of now, the Ministry of finance has not yet approved any lottery agency officially opened the use of the Internet to sell lottery business, in other words, before the use of the Internet sales of lottery tickets are illegal.

senior lottery media people Wang Shirang told the "daily economic news" interview with reporters, the lottery is different from ordinary commodities, although the rapid development of network sale of color, but also become a "private sit Zhuang", "eat ticket, lottery lottery sales or misappropriation of funds and other kinds of chaos like precipitation.


forty, Microsoft really want to open it? Miss the tide, learn from free mobile  

went to the old age of forty, Microsoft released a variety of ways, including open source has become the most whirling. Microsoft executives said that the future may also open source, then Microsoft will really be so big recruit it really can be proud of the Microsoft Windows open source it? I observed that perhaps everything is possible.

Windows 10 open source is a good


Windows cannot open source? In the suppression of Google and apple, Microsoft should seek more bold innovation to cope with the new market development, especially need more thinking transformation of the development of the mobile Internet market. The original Google Android open source help gains more market opportunities and market share, Apple’s closed iOS to help them get a big return, it is a stimulus for Microsoft.

3 drops, unfamiliar street, the United States and the first batch of seed users is how come?  

the first batch of seed user access is very difficult, but there are some common. Find the precise target users themselves, constantly solve the initial user’s trouble, and perseverance, not afraid of the wall.

often have friends ask: just start a business, do not know how to promote, what good suggestion? Then we will finish this special Internet Co that Niubi, in the early stage of development is how to promote? The choice of socket bacteria drops, unfamiliar street, the U.S. company at the beginning of three promotion experience to share with everyone. Next, we want to know what the company’s situation, you can tell in the background. We will continue to make it a series of topics.

4 domain name on the road, the "jump"? Let the network enable 

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