Website promotion should be how to promote website

in this chapter I will talk about how to promote the website. First of all, we should establish the concept of website promotion should be omnipresent.

Part 1: online promotion

is the promotion on the network, most of the webmaster is through the online way to promote the site. Online promotion costs are relatively low, of course, if you want to do this kind of similar Sina portal advertising. Here I first summarize several common ways to promote, and then talk about the new promotion. Common promotion methods are as follows:

1, QQ promotion. This is one of the most understanding of small technology, beauty picture stand for these use this method to promote or have a certain effect, the main is to pay attention to the object of promotion is accurate. For example, dating sites to QQ group of friends in ambush for a period of time, then gradually sent a message, message not directly in the QQ group, QQ group can use email, if not opened only by personal mail QQ group, quite tiring, but if the customer targeted if the effect is good, such as a webmaster the query tool do you send a message to the station, the object is the general webmaster can still retain people, the premise is you stand true and useful.

2, mail promotion. This is also the most use most of the old promotion, until now there is still a lot of people use, because it still has effect. For mail promotion should pay more attention to the customer, if not targeted effect is very poor, can not directly send a web site in the past and not with other content, you think who dares to do this link? Mail promotion must take enough in the mail content of Kung fu.

3, paid advertising promotion. Baidu bid, Google AdSense and so on are a kind of advertising method, bring some traffic through the pay, the way for enterprise to promote general general webmaster, the money is not enough, do not pay for advertising, but for some specific words can bring huge benefits, such as the word stock, pay 20 yuan in a row Baidu’s first point of a need, the promotion of still very much pay. If you want to pay a small Adsense if you can choose Ali mother, for a station to buy a certain location, those high precision, the effect is better.

4, soft Wen promotion  . Write text or reference articles, which cleverly add your own web site, achieve good promotion effect, is soft promotion with less investment, attract potential consumers eyeball, enhance product sales force, improve product reputation, enhance the brand website. Under the influence of soft Wen, to achieve the purpose of the strategic tactics of the product, to guide the purchase of consumer groups advertising. If you do not understand the soft marketing, you can contact QQ 886128 or landing soft web

common promotion is no longer say, there are many, and now I’m talking about a more innovative and more effective >

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