Wang Yuezhang from StarCraft Lenovo to the website operation strategy


I’m not a cold to the network game computer enthusiasts, many online games only heard, watching others play, but how also can’t attract me to play, maybe there is no experience from these games to the fun, but even so, but there is a game that I couldn’t put it down. That is the StarCraft, this is a strategic strong love game, strategy game friends must know a lot about StarCraft.


is a strategy game, there is a certain battle skills, operation strategy, and so on the offensive and defensive strategy to pay attention, that we operate a website, but also to talent shows itself in the competition (unless of course your field is a blue ocean, but the current situation, this possibility is very small) in the process, ahead of the competition, we will have their winning strategy to counter the operation skills and core competitiveness, it looks like this game and website has in common with nature.

I used to play StarCraft Protoss, this is an advanced group, has a natural advantage, as we stand the source you use is the most popular language, the language has a natural safety, not easy to be invaded. The beginning of the game, to be the first to let the farmers go to the mining of ore, recharge, accumulate wealth, but at the same time sent a farmer to explore the enemy, they see the growth of what facilities, how to speed, there is an old saying: the enemy, know yourself. In our early station, we have to do is to develop website source, increase website function, enrich website content, look as much as possible to operate for a long time veteran of the site, but during this period, or period of observation of their competitors in what they do, they have developed what new what they function, and the implementation of the marketing strategy and means of promotion, and these methods and strategies they really played a big role, if we can keep a keen eye, we can judge the opponent how powerful, whether we can go beyond them, whether we can learn from their strategy use, if development speed faster than your opponent, then we should take corresponding measures to speed up the development of their own.

finished using a hurry back to collect the production exploration of farmers, farmers can’t waste a force, we produced in the base of the peasants should be timely observation, see if they are lazy, let them take the time to work in this strategic game, time is the most valuable, sometimes a second the difference can decide the outcome of a battle. Similarly, in our process of the promotion of the site, time is also very important, the day before the big day, we must put our site to launch promotions in two weeks in advance, so as to play a better role in the holiday period.

star in all races development there is a certain order, before a building must have another building support, all kinds of building construction order is progressive, and the branches of the level.

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