On the development of Quanzhou clothing industry

development of a national economy is bound to bring brilliant development of the industry, now the economy developed, the development will inevitably bring the garment industry, here in Quanzhou as an example to analyze the development of the industry.


enterprise to have the unique design, the designer’s choice is very important. In recent years, Daniel Wu Xuekai, Lee Lang from Qipai meter to Septwolves Wenbo? By Reiter, Fujian clothing companies have in hand the international famous designers for its brand expansion, the internationalization played the overture. Companies hired internationally renowned designers to join, in fact, is hoping to help the enterprise in product development, while adding international fashion elements, so that the product closer to the international trend.

and left on European design team, as one of the representative of Fujian clothing, Lee Lang (Chinese) Co.,.

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